Westchester Gutter Screenings & Covers
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Westchester Gutter Screenings & covers

The big question on screening and gutter covers is whether or not it’s really worth the investment. The answer is, in some instances yes, and in some no. It depends on what is falling from your trees and the amount of foliage. Generally speaking if your gutters are mostly catching big leaves, but not a lot of them, then screens should work very well. Gutter screens will greatly diminish the number of gutter cleanings necessary and save you some money and headaches.

If you are getting a great deal of leafage falling from your trees, such as small leaves and pine needles, then it is likely that this foliage is going to sit on top of your gutter screens or covers. It will work its way into your gutters and clog your gutter screens or gutter cover openings. In this scenario gutter screens and covers are not a worthwhile option.

 Ultimately, there really isn’t anything that is 100% effective in keeping debris out of your gutters. The frequency of which you need to clean your gutters depends on the effectiveness of the gutter screen or gutter cover, and the type and amount of debris falling from your trees. It’s best to have a technician determine the efficacy that gutter screens will have on your gutter system.  We look forward to helping you make the best decision on gutter screens and gutter covers. Please call us with any questions you may have.

 Your gutter professional, owner and operator, Ray Perez