Spring Has Officially Arrived and that Means It’s Time for Outdoor Home Maintenance

gutter screening in Purchase

One of the most important home maintenance tasks is gutter maintenance. If your gutters are not properly cleared of debris and working right, you could be asking for foundation, roof and siding issues in the months ahead.

We at Westchester Gutter Cleaning regularly provide gutter cleaning in Purchase. We know from experience that regular examination and maintenance will help to reduce the need for gutter repairs but if you are in need of gutter repair in Purchase right now, then we are the company you can count on. We’ve been providing outstanding service to Purchase, New York property owners for over 18 years.

The biggest difficulty with maintaining gutters on a regular basis is that problems are hidden from view for most homeowners. Many times, problems are noticed after it is too late and damage has already occurred. The problems to look for when cleaning gutters include sagging sections, holes, corrosion and loose or missing fasteners. Leaks should be sealed immediately. Sagging is often the result of loose or missing nails and hangers, which should be reinforced or replaced.

The most prevalent problem is debris clogging the gutters and water spillage damaging the fascia board as well as the foundation, decking, and rafters. These problems need to be fixed right away because gutters in need of repair can cause water to spill over, which, in turn, leads to greater damage.

One option is to cover your gutters and thereby diminish the frequency of cleanings. As a company that frequently provides gutter cleaning in Patterson, New York, we know that Purchase is a very heavily wooded area and, as such, the need to minimize the amount of debris making its way into your gutters is very important. We highly recommend gutter screening and covers. Being a provider of gutter screening in Purchase has helped us to maintain our clients gutter systems and reduce the need for frequent cleanings.

Accordingly, the easiest answer to most gutter problems is, of course, to clean and keep your gutters in repair. If you choose to tackle the job on your own, we highly recommend having a helper to hold and support your ladder as well as rubber bumper guards to prevent the ladder sliding on the gutter. Also, be sure to follow safety measures as well.  A good idea would be to familiarize yourself with ladder safety to the fullest with videos provided on YouTube.

If, instead, you choose to have a professional handle this very dangerous chore, please keep in mind, when gutter repair in Pelham, New York, is needed, or any gutter maintenance for that matter, Westchester Gutter Cleaning is the company Purchase, New York, residents and businesses have chosen again and again, and our 152 five-star reviews on Google reflect this well-earned fact. Here’s wishing you the very best in your home maintenance projects!


Ray is the utmost professional and such a pleasure to work with. He is timely, his crew is hardworking and trustworthy. Ray’s pricing cannot be beat!! Affordable expertise!! We have used this company for a few years and look forward to many more! Thank you Ray and crew!

Carleen Julian

Ray has been cleaning my gutters for years. He is the most reliable contractor I have ever worked with. He’s so organized – he contacts me twice a year for gutter cleaning. I never even have to think about it. Ray is a wonderful person to deal with – couldn’t recommend him any higher.

Leslie Baransky

We’ve had several services performed by Westchester Gutter Cleaning and have had nothing but the best experiences. Ray, in particular, is incredibly professional, courteous, and easy to worth with. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for their services.

Brynley Lazar

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