Gutter Guards and Gutter Covers

Gutter guards (also known as gutter covers and gutter screens) are a relatively new product to gutter maintenance. Installation of these tools prevent debris buildup and provide a great addition to any gutter system. 

Westchester Gutter Cleaning has over 19 years of experience with gutter maintenance, and our technicians can assist in the selection and installation of gutter covers.

Benefits of gutter protection

With the heavy leaf debris of our local Westchester and Putnam County NY area, there are several benefits to professional gutter protection. These include:

Prevents debris and clogs

Gutter covers can save you time and money by preventing leaf debris from accumulating in your gutter and causing clogs. While even gutters with covers do usually require occasional maintenance, you will save yourself the cost of multiple cleanings. Without covers, your gutters will need professional cleaning at least 1-2 times per year.

Prevents pests

Gutter screens prevent stagnant water from sitting in your rain gutters, which often attracts vermin and insects like squirrels, birds, mice, spiders, and mosquitoes. Gutter covers also prevent these animals from making their way behind the fascia boards and into the roof space of your home.

Prevents damage from weather elements

Gutter guards will also alleviate ice damming in the winter, and prevent corrosion and premature rusting of your gutter system. Covers prevent wet debris and water from causing a clogged gutter. 

What our competitors don’t tell you…

Unlike most of our competitors, we will not sell gutter guards to everyone. Some properties do not require gutter guards, and the installation of extra gutter protection would be a waste of money. 

Our expert technicians will inspect the type of debris that is accumulating in your gutters, and take into consideration the type of trees that are on your property. This consideration is an important factor in determining the value of gutter protection. For clients where gutter guards will not be effective, we will recommend against installation and provide alternative solutions. 

We only provide our clients with services that will clean or prevent gutter clogs, thus saving them the future cost of damage and repairs. Get in contact today; our gutter technicians are here to help you with all your Westchester county home gutter needs. 

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Gutter Guard FAQ


What time of year should I get gutter guards installed?

Gutter guards can be installed any time of year; start the installation process as soon as possible so you can start benefiting from their protection! However, the best time would be an installation before the Spring or Fall debris has begun to fall (eliminating the need for a cleaning before the installation).

What’s the difference between gutter guards, gutter covers and gutter screens?

There is no difference between these terms. Guards, covers, screens, and gutter hoods all refer to the same application. There are different types of guards made of different materials (stainless steel, micro mesh, etc.), but our service technicians can work with you to determine what product would best suit your property and unique needs.

Do plastic covers work well?

Yes, plastic gutter covers can work very well. However, plastic gutter covers do not often last as long as metal covers.


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