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Westchester Gutter Cleaning has proudly served the Westchester and Putnam counties for over 19 years. Our gutter cleaning services are highly specialized to meet the unique needs of our local area. For affordable expertise in rain gutter care, get in contact with Westchester Gutter Cleaning today.

How often should I get my gutters cleaned?

Generally, there are two times of year that you should get your gutters professionally cleaned: when the autumn tree debris has finished falling, and again when the spring debris falls. For Westchester residents, this usually occurs around the end of November and the end of May. 

However, there are other factors to consider that might require additional cleanings for your home. Factors such as:

  • Number of trees on your property
  • Kind of trees on your property
  • How close the trees are on your property

Gutters need to be cleaned regularly; even a buildup as small as a tennis ball can cause a strong clog! Our Westchester Gutter Cleaning service technicians will inspect your gutters during the cleaning process. We keep up with the unique needs of our clients’ properties and will let you know when you will need your next cleaning.  

Professional gutter cleaning is a necessity

Gutter maintenance is NOT a good DIY project. Cleaning your own gutter system puts your safety at risk, and will cost you both time and money. Getting your gutter system professionally cleaned is a good idea because:

Professional gutter cleaning includes free expert inspection

While we are providing your home with spotless gutter cleaning, we will also look for any necessary repairs that will go unnoticed by a DIY cleaner. Gutter repairs that are usually only caught by a professional inspection include: slope adjustment, bracket replacement, caulking and water damage behind your gutter.

Save yourself time and money

The average homeowner does not have the proper equipment, experience or time to handle gutter cleaning. Without the right tools, your DIY cleaning will be time consuming and ineffective. Instead, allow our gutter cleaning professionals to provide you comprehensive gutter maintenance, saving you both time and money.

DIY gutter cleaning is a safety hazard

Safety is the number one reason homeowners should NOT clean their own clogged gutters. If you are not familiar with working on extension ladders, you are putting yourself at increased risk for a fall that could result in serious injury. There are over 2000 ladder-related injuries every day; we do not want you to be one of those cases! 

How to know if your gutter needs cleaning

If you’re not on a service plan for regular gutter inspection, here are some visible signs that your property needs roof gutter cleaning:

  • Rain water overflowing your gutters
  • Heavy icicles develop in winter weather
  • Leaves or debris are preventing water from channeling through the system
  • Water buildup and overflow when its raining
  • Signs of staining from mold or mildew on the gutters
  • Twigs are stuck and sticking up in your gutters
  • Signs of pest activity (squirrels, mice, frogs, birds, bugs, etc.)
  • Standing water due to a clog
  • Plant growth from your gutters
  • Pulling, sagging or complete detachment of your gutters – might require repair or replacement
  • You can’t remember the last time your gutters were cleaned!

There are more signs of necessary cleaning not as easily noticeable by the untrained eye. To protect your home from unnecessary gutter repair or replacement, get a professional cleaning at least twice a year.

 Gutter Cleaning FAQs

Why do I need my gutters cleaned in the spring if there’s no debris?

While it’s usually visually obvious that your gutters need cleaning in the fall, the spring debris can be harder to spot. While tree debris in the spring is usually much less than the fall, a clog can still occur even with a small build up. Due to the small size of gutters’ downspouts drainage holes, and because spring debris is more flowery and absorbent, even a buildup as small as a tennis ball can cause a strong clog. 

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Ray is the utmost professional and such a pleasure to work with. He is timely, his crew is hardworking and trustworthy. Ray’s pricing cannot be beat!! Affordable expertise!! We have used this company for a few years and look forward to many more! Thank you Ray and crew!

Carleen Julian

Ray has been cleaning my gutters for years. He is the most reliable contractor I have ever worked with. He’s so organized – he contacts me twice a year for gutter cleaning. I never even have to think about it. Ray is a wonderful person to deal with – couldn’t recommend him any higher.

Leslie Baransky

We’ve had several services performed by Westchester Gutter Cleaning and have had nothing but the best experiences. Ray, in particular, is incredibly professional, courteous, and easy to worth with. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for their services.

Brynley Lazar

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