We’ve been providing gutter cleaning, gutter screening and gutter repairs to the Westchester area for over 19 years. With an emphasis on customer convenience, it’s our goal to gain and keep your trust through reliable and excellent gutter maintenance service.

The big question on screening and gutter covers is whether or not it’s really worth the investment. The answer is, in some instances yes, and in some no. It depends on what is falling from your trees and the amount of foliage. Generally speaking if your gutters are mostly catching big leaves, but not a lot of them, then screens should work very well. Gutter screens will greatly diminish the number of gutter cleanings necessary and save you some money and headaches.

If you are getting a great deal of leafage falling from your trees, such as small leaves and pine needles, then it is likely that this foliage is going to sit on top of your gutter screens or covers. It will work its way into your gutters and clog your gutter screens or gutter cover openings. In this scenario gutter screens and covers are not a worthwhile option.

Ultimately, there really isn’t anything that is 100% effective in keeping debris out of your gutters. The frequency of which you need to clean your gutters depends on the effectiveness of the gutter screen or gutter cover, and the type and amount of debris falling from your trees. It’s best to have a technician determine the efficacy that gutter screens will have on your gutter system.  We look forward to helping you make the best decision on gutter screens and gutter covers. Please call us with any questions you may have.

Your gutter professional, owner and operator,

Ray Perez

With the normal wear and tear on your gutter system, it will eventually need maintenance repairs. The most common gutter problems needing repairs to get your gutters functioning as they should be are; the sagging or pulling away of a gutter, out of pitch gutters, leaky gutter seams and leaky or loose downspouts.

• Sagging Gutters

Sagging gutters cause water to pool and spillover. Sagging gutters can ultimately pull off completely. Repairing sagging gutters involves reinforcing the gutter with new brackets that have a 4 inch long screw and have a greater holding capacity than gutter nails.

• Out of pitch gutters

Out of pitch gutters are gutters that are not directing the water to the downspout. Instead, water either sits or spills over at the end of the gutter opposite the downspout. In this case the gutter must be disconnected and repositioned sloping downward towards the downspout.

• Leaking Gutter Seams

Leaky gutter seams are the result of worn or aged gutter sealant or improperly applied sealant. To repair gutter leaks the area to be sealed must be; scraped free of old sealant, thoroughly cleaned, dried and caulked in mild temperatures.

• Loose or Leaky Downspouts

Downspouts can leak or become detached from your home. Leaking downspouts are usually the result of split seams, holes, corrosion or improperly fitted sections. Downspouts with split seams are best replaced, either in sections or the entire downspout. Detached downspouts can be re-affixed to your home through the use of downspout clips screwed into the siding.

Westchester Gutter Cleaning uses only the highest quality materials to provide you with a long lasting repair. Our gutter repairs are 100% guaranteed. We look forward to getting your gutter system back into great shape and channeling the water from your roof to the ground and away from your property. Please call us with any questions you may have. Thank you very much! I hope we can be of service to you.

Your gutter specialist, owner and operator,

Ray Perez

Dryer and dryer vent

Your dryer vent system is very important in expelling hot moist air from your dryer.

However, in the process, the dryer vents accumulate lint and fibers that build up in the lining of your system. Over time this accumulation can obstruct the flow of air and in some extreme case block the channel completely. This lessening of air flow causes a strain on your dryers ability to function properly. Your dryer ends up working harder and harder to dry your clothing. A hard working dryer makes your energy bill go up.

Indications your dryer vent needs cleaning.

  • Your clothing takes more than one cycle to dry.
  • clothes smell musty after the drying cycle.
  • The laundry room feels hot when the dyer is operating.
  • Dryer lint is built up at the vent outlet.
  • There’s excessive lint in the lint trap.
  • Your clothes are very hot at the end of a cycle.
  • Your system displays an error code.

The Benefits of professional dryer vent cleaning

  • Clothes will dry faster.
  • The risk of fire is lessened.
  • Your clothes will dry faster.
  • Your dryer will also last longer.
  • Lower energy bills.
  • Reduced maintenance calls.
  • Prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

The benefits of maintaining your dryer system far outweigh the cost of service. At Westchester Gutter Cleaning, we recommend that you should have your dryer vent cleaned professionally at least once per year. Also, you need to consider how often you run your dryer. A family of five requires more loads of laundry than one person or a couple. So depending upon your laundry needs, you may need to have service more often.


Ray is the utmost professional and such a pleasure to work with. He is timely, his crew is hardworking and trustworthy. Ray’s pricing cannot be beat!! Affordable expertise!! We have used this company for a few years and look forward to many more! Thank you Ray and crew!

Carleen Julian

Ray has been cleaning my gutters for years. He is the most reliable contractor I have ever worked with. He’s so organized – he contacts me twice a year for gutter cleaning. I never even have to think about it. Ray is a wonderful person to deal with – couldn’t recommend him any higher.

Leslie Baransky

We’ve had several services performed by Westchester Gutter Cleaning and have had nothing but the best experiences. Ray, in particular, is incredibly professional, courteous, and easy to worth with. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for their services.

Brynley Lazar

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