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Please call us today for your no obligation phone quote and consultation. All we need is your address in order to see your home on the internet and we'll be able to quickly and easily give you an estimate right over the phone.
Your service begins with a courtesy call the morning of your service. All roof, gutter and downspout areas will be neatly cleared of debris. All debris goes into bags. You need not be home during service.
For convenient payment we accept cash, checks and all major credit cards. We want to make your gutter service experience an effortless one. Our work is 100% guarantee.

Patterson Gutter Cleaning

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Welcome to our website. Westchester Gutter Cleaning is the solution to protecting your Patterson, New York Property from the damaging effects of rain. We are licensed, bonded and fully insured. Our gutter cleaning services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Gutter cleaning, gutter screening and gutter repairs is our area of specialized expertise. Its all we do. Keeping your gutters clear of debris regularly isn’t easy. Life gets busy and gutter maintenance can easily be forgotten, until of course you are reminded by water spilling from your gutters can be costly. Water spilling from your gutters can cause many problems, such as foundation erosion, wood rot, drywall damage, mold and mildew, basement flooding and many more.


Our goal is to keep you from ever having to deal with problems like these. We’ll set you up on a regularly occurring schedule once or possibly twice per year to have your gutters cleaned and maintained. Our gutter service technicians will clean the roof areas and gutter areas of your home as well as unclog any downspouts. All work will be done neatly and effectively. Call us today for your easy over the phone estimate. Your gutter service bill can be payed by way of cash, credit card or check. We at Westchester Gutter Cleaning look forward to taking very good care of your gutter system.


Thank you very much for visiting our website, we look forward to having you as another happy and satisfied Patterson, New York client. Your gutter cleaning professional, owner and operator, Ray Perez.