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Thank you so very much for taking the time to visit our website. If you’re looking for a great service at a very affordable price you have come to Mohegan Lake Gutter Repair or cleaning at Westchester Gutter Cleaning. We have over 15 years experience in the market and so from the very first moment that you contact us you will understand why we have such a great reputation and why homeowners in the Mohegan Lake area keep using are services over and over again.

We eliminate not only the dangerous and difficult task of repairing gutters, but also the necessity of remembering to clean and maintain your gutters on a regular basis. It’s the regularity of gutter maintenance that is of utmost importance because neglected gutters can cause so many problems. These problems can occur immediately, such as water intrusion, flooded basements, landscape erosion, drywall damage, wood rot, mold, mildew and foundation erosion. Of course the cost to regularly have your gutters cleaned and maintained pales in comparison to the expense of damages caused by neglected gutters.

Our service is here to help you avoid the problems that result from improperly maintained gutters. We’ll set you up on a regularly occurring maintenance schedule, so that you won’t even need to think about your gutter system. You’ll receive a yearly or bi yearly reminder to have your gutters cleaned and maintained. We’ll come to your property and carry out all necessary work in a neat and efficient manner. Your gutter service bill will then be left in the front door of your home for you to pay at your convenience. You need not be home for us to carry out our gutter cleaning and maintenance service. you will never have to worry about your gutters again from the moment you get in contact with us that will be are job and hopefully for years to come.

Please call us today for your no obligation phone estimate and consultation. We are here to provide you with the very best in gutter maintenance. Thank you very much again for visiting our website. We look forward to your call and to having you as another happy client.

You’re gutter professional, owner and operator,

Ray Perez

 Mohegan Lake Gutter Repair

Do your Gutters need some help?
Having your gutters repaired is important not just because they control water flow, but they also play a role in the visual impression of a house or any building. You don’t have to expose yourself to dangerous cleaning methods; we clean the dirtiest of your gutters for you as we have been doing it for the past 15 years within Pleasantville, New York.
After the odd winters and frigid temperatures the people of New York have had to endure in the past years, Ray Perez owner and founder of Westchester gutter cleaning swore to give the people of Pleasantville one less problem to deal with. Ray understands that regularly cleaning your gutters is one of the most important tasks you can do to maintain the beauty and value of your home. A neglected gutter system can cause a whole list of damaging and expensive problems. That is why when you’re looking for gutter cleaning Pleasantville, keep in mind that we are a business that started from the ground up, serving just a few locations and now we’ve extended our route to over 50 locations in New York and Connecticut. People trust Westchester Gutter Cleaning because we are the small business with which our customers can relate to.

For all things Mohegan Lake Gutter Repair from Westchester Gutter Cleaning is the place to call. With over 15 years experience, Ray Perez and his team of experts have seen it all. Gutter technicians from Westchester Gutter Cleaning are trained to perform only the best job and make sure your gutter is clear from top to bottom. When you need a professional whether it’s an emergency or just the occasional maintenance, Westchester Gutter Cleaning has the right set of tools and experience required. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of Gutter experts knows how badly debris can obstruct your gutter system. For that reason is why we make sure your gutter system is cleared, such as roofs, chimneys, plateaus, roof valleys. After your system has been cleared, we clean up any mess we might have left behind; all necessary jobs will be orchestrated in a neat and effective manner. Not just that, but our work is also 100% guaranteed. No one is ahead of the curve like Westchester Gutter Cleaning. We set the bar pretty high and will continue to do so in years to come. Call  Mohegan Lake Gutter Repair now!



Ray is the utmost professional and such a pleasure to work with. He is timely, his crew is hardworking and trustworthy. Ray’s pricing cannot be beat!! Affordable expertise!! We have used this company for a few years and look forward to many more! Thank you Ray and crew!

Carleen Julian

Ray has been cleaning my gutters for years. He is the most reliable contractor I have ever worked with. He’s so organized – he contacts me twice a year for gutter cleaning. I never even have to think about it. Ray is a wonderful person to deal with – couldn’t recommend him any higher.

Leslie Baransky

We’ve had several services performed by Westchester Gutter Cleaning and have had nothing but the best experiences. Ray, in particular, is incredibly professional, courteous, and easy to worth with. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone looking for their services.

Brynley Lazar

There's no better benchmark for trustworthiness, integrity, and commitment to perfection than feedback from our clients. We're honored to showcase just a few recent comments out of the hundreds of reviews, referrals, and compliments our talented team of in-field service technicians receives year after year.