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Your service begins with a courtesy call the morning of your service. All roof, gutter and downspout areas will be neatly cleared of debris. All debris goes into bags. You need not be home during service.
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Why Do My Gutters need to be Cleaned?

Haphazard weather conditions in the Northeast gravely affect the condition of our gutter systems. It can get to the point that the rusting and debris permeates the roof and makes its way into our home endangering our loved ones.

Is there Something that can be Done to Avoid Cleaning Gutters?

At Westchester Gutter Cleaning we install both aluminum gutter screens and permanent gutter guards but the best way to ensure healthy gutters is to have them cleaned regularly. Just like you cannot avoid changing the oil in your car, you cannot neglect your gutter system. Gutter cleaning is necessary to keep your property safe and looking great all year-round.

What Happens to the Debris?

The debris we manage to scoop out of your gutter system is bagged and put on our truck; we dispose of it so you don’t have to worry.

How do Gutters get Clogged?

In New York along with many other cities and states in America gutters become clogged by leaves which fall twice a year. These leaves fall and accumulate on your gutters and with the combination of rain, they decompose and become debris. Citizens that have had Gutter Cleaning performed know that during the summer seed pods and blossoms and done falling and they too clog the gutters as well as underground drains on the system. Small creatures such as birds and squirrels may build nests inside or behind your gutters.

How long does it take to Clean my Gutters?

Depending on frequency with which you have your gutters cleaned/maintained, current weather conditions and winter and summer conditions the expert providing a Gutter Cleaning service will let you know how long he will be there for.

Should I get Gutter Screens?

Gutter Screens may look nice but they will run you a ton of money in the long run. Every gutter screen that we’ve run across in northeast weather and other four season’s weather allows small leaves, needles and seed through. The result is that downspouts still get covered and gutters still need to be cleaned. There is also additional labor involved with removing, cleaning and reinstalling the screens.

What Equipment do you need from me?

If you’re having any cleaning done in Westchester County , you do not need any materials because we take everything we need. You also don’t even have to be present. We will inform you of our visit and once we are finished, we leave a note under the door with a receipt.

How do I know when my Gutters need Cleaning?

After a certain amount of time or difficult conditions, your gutters will not run as smoothly as they did before therefore they will not work properly. A good sign of this is water coming over the top, water in your basement and dripping water without it raining. These are obvious signs of a clogged gutter system but there are other signs that clearly aren’t as noticeable for that reason we recommend you have Gutter Cleaning done at least twice a year.

Why Should I hire you instead of Cleaning them Myself?

Gutter Cleaning should be performed by an expert for safety reasons. Every year, dozens of accidents are caused by attempts to unclog gutter systems by someone that does not have the experience required to perform such task. It is also cost-effective to have an expert do the job for you as you might damage the gutters to the point that it may cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to repair.