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Gutters Filled with debris or in a State of Disrepair Can Cause Damage to the Interior and Exterior of Your Home and Ultimately Be Costly

The operation of your home’s gutter system is very important to its well being. Gutters serve to direct the flow of rainwater away from your roof, walls, foundation, and landscape. Westchester Gutter Cleaning has been providing gutter maintenance to lower Westchester for over 18 years. So, whether you’re looking for gutter repair in Patterson, gutter repair in Bedford or gutter repair in Hawthorne, as well as gutter cleaning in Carmel and all Westchester and Putnam areas, we are the company that gets the job done right at an affordable price.

When your gutters are neglected and clogged with leaves, sticks and other debris, not only is damage very likely to occur to your home’s interior and exterior but neglected gutters also make nice homes for rodents, pests, mold, and insect infestations. If gutter maintenance is left by the wayside, it can potentially cost hundreds or thousands of dollars.

So, how often should gutters be cleaned? We recommend cleaning your gutters in the spring and fall, right after the seasonal debris has come down. It largely depends on where you live, how heavily wooded the area around your property is, and what types of trees surround your property. For some property owners, it may be more than twice per year because certain trees shed leaves and pines on a regular basis. In these cases, property owners usually choose to invest in gutter covers and screening to minimize the number of cleanings per year. These coverings and screens do lessen the number of cleanings but in our experience, we have yet to find any product on the market that completely eliminates the need for cleanings.

Gutter cleaning and gutter maintenance should be on everyone’s “to get done list”, at least once to twice per year, depending on their environment.  We are of the opinion that it is best to have a professional handle any and all work on extension ladders. This type of work is extremely dangerous. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, falls from ladders sent more than 280,000 Americans to hospital emergency rooms in 2018.  As professionals, we have the training, the gear and, more importantly, the experience to work up high on ladders. Another very important consideration is, as professionals, we know what we’re looking at and can stop a problem before it gets worse. Gutter maintenance is measured in pennies, and repairs and replacement are measured in dollars. Westchester Gutter Cleaning’s main business is providing Westchester and Putnam property owners with peace of mind.


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Spring Has Officially Arrived and that Means It’s Time for Outdoor Home Maintenance

One of the most important home maintenance tasks is gutter maintenance. If your gutters are not properly cleared of debris and working right, you could be asking for foundation, roof and siding issues in the months ahead.

We at Westchester Gutter Cleaning regularly provide gutter cleaning in Purchase. We know from experience that regular examination and maintenance will help to reduce the need for gutter repairs but if you are in need of gutter repair in Purchase right now, then we are the company you can count on. We’ve been providing outstanding service to Purchase, New York property owners for over 18 years.

The biggest difficulty with maintaining gutters on a regular basis is that problems are hidden from view for most homeowners. Many times, problems are noticed after it is too late and damage has already occurred. The problems to look for when cleaning gutters include sagging sections, holes, corrosion and loose or missing fasteners. Leaks should be sealed immediately. Sagging is often the result of loose or missing nails and hangers, which should be reinforced or replaced.

The most prevalent problem is debris clogging the gutters and water spillage damaging the fascia board as well as the foundation, decking, and rafters. These problems need to be fixed right away because gutters in need of repair can cause water to spill over, which, in turn, leads to greater damage.

One option is to cover your gutters and thereby diminish the frequency of cleanings. As a company that frequently provides gutter cleaning in Patterson, New York, we know that Purchase is a very heavily wooded area and, as such, the need to minimize the amount of debris making its way into your gutters is very important. We highly recommend gutter screening and covers. Being a provider of gutter screening in Purchase has helped us to maintain our clients gutter systems and reduce the need for frequent cleanings.

Accordingly, the easiest answer to most gutter problems is, of course, to clean and keep your gutters in repair. If you choose to tackle the job on your own, we highly recommend having a helper to hold and support your ladder as well as rubber bumper guards to prevent the ladder sliding on the gutter. Also, be sure to follow safety measures as well.  A good idea would be to familiarize yourself with ladder safety to the fullest with videos provided on YouTube.

If, instead, you choose to have a professional handle this very dangerous chore, please keep in mind, when gutter repair in Pelham, New York, is needed, or any gutter maintenance for that matter, Westchester Gutter Cleaning is the company Purchase, New York, residents and businesses have chosen again and again, and our 152 five-star reviews on Google reflect this well-earned fact. Here’s wishing you the very best in your home maintenance projects!

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Cleaning and Maintaining Your Gutters Should Be on the Top of Your “Get It Done” List

Our Philosophy here at Westchester Gutter Cleaning is: “your gutters might not seem like something of great concern but being sure that your gutter system is in good working order has far-reaching benefits that may not be immediately obvious at first.”

During a downpour, your homes gutter system serves a very important purpose by channeling the flow of water away from your property. If your gutters are blocked, water can pool in the wrong place and possibly flow back into your home, into the wall cavities and cause widespread damage inside as well as outside. Roof damage and water damage can have a devastating effect on your home.


Getting the Right Help
It’s always wise to rely on the experts when it comes to risky home maintenance jobs such as gutter cleaning and gutter repair. Gutter professionals are trained and experienced to recognize problems with your gutter system that you may overlook. This could potentially save you time and money. Work on extension ladders is simply best left to a professional Gutter service technician. Technicians have the proper safety gear and experience to work at heights. This specialized type of work requires climbing ladders, using harnesses as well as wearing a special helmet. Also, in many cases, it also requires carrying heavy and powerful leaf blowers and other specialized tools to make the job more efficient and safer. So whether it’s gutter repair in Brewster, gutter repair in Hawthorne or gutter repair in Purchase, as well as gutter cleaning in Carmel and all of Westchester and Putnam counties, our experience and expertise are here to serve you.


Considerations with Respect to Homeowners Insurance
While it may seem like a minor problem, the truth is that blocked gutters can be a real danger to your home. Your gutter system is an essential part of your home and keeping its structural integrity. If your gutter is in ill repair, the effects can be very damaging. Build-ups and over flows of water can cause rust and rot. In some cases, water can enter your roofing and walls, causing leaks and material deterioration. Left unattended this can ultimately result in the collapse of the roofing structure. Also, water spillage from blocked gutters can fall and pool around your home’s foundation. This pooling can cause mold, cracks, and significant structural damage.

Damage to your home caused by neglected gutters may not be covered by your insurance, for this reason, it is very important to clean and maintain your gutters regularly.

Homeowners insurance covers you for damage that results from unexpected events that are outside your control. For example, if your home is damaged because it was not properly maintained, your insurance may not cover you. That’s why staying on top of regular home maintenance is absolutely crucial to protect your home.


Home Maintenance Never Goes Away!

Maintenance is totally unavoidable. For most homeowners, it can be like having a part-time job on the weekends. You work hard all week and the last thing you want to do is more work during your time off. The biggest question is “how do I take care of these much-needed home maintenance tasks in the safest and most cost-effective way?”

Some home maintenance projects are easy; for example, painting, plastering, light carpentry, etc. Thankfully, most projects don’t require a lot of skill and most importantly don’t require you to put yourself in harm’s way.

For the greater majority of people, working at heights can be daunting. Walking on your homes roof can be both unsettling and dangerous. Home repairs like roof leaks, shingle repair, gutter cleaning, and gutter repair are worth the investment. These types of home maintenance repairs are way too dangerous and specialized to do. For this reason, whether it’s gutter repair in Montrose, gutter repair in Hawthorne or gutter repair in Carmel as well as gutter cleaning in Carmel, Westchester Gutter Cleaning is here to handle this specialized maintenance for you.


What are the benefits of hiring professionals?
* #1 – You stay safe!
* Using pros eliminates liability for you.
* You get back your free time to enjoy life.


Some thoughts on gutter covers
There are a lot of companies out there who believe the “set it and forget it” approach to gutter maintenance. Not a good idea. In our experience, products designed to eliminate the need for gutter cleaning, especially in heavily wooded area don’t work. The reason that gutter screens or similar “solutions” fail is that they rely on faulty technology. Our clientele that live in heavily wooded areas, areas like Carmel, NY, have tried gutter covers only to be disappointed with the results. For this reason, gutter cleaning in Carmel at regularly scheduled times to combat the ill effects of water damage is really the only solution.

Gutter covers prevent debris from collecting inside your gutters but once the mesh is covered in sediment and debris the mesh prevents water from entering your gutters, the water can now spill over. Channeling water away from your roof and away from your home is what gutters are designed to do. So, this means that these so-called gutter cover solutions promising no-hassle gutters are really no solution at all. Hands down, the best way to ensure that your gutters are in good working order and that your home is protected is to have them safely cleaned and maintained on a regular basis by the pros, the benefits of which can save you in time, money and headaches.